How Can We Prevent Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is one deformity that can occur suddenly or can also be built up over time and nothing can be done to stop it from deteriorating. Hearing loss or hearing impairment usually refers to the loss of hearing ability of ears, and it may be a partial or total loss. It may be caused at birth (i.e. genetic) or due to environmental factors such as noise or use of ototoxic substances or is due to chronic inflammation etc. Although there are many causes for hearing loss, two of them are the most common i.e. natural aging process and noise exposure. It is possible to reverse the decline in normal hearing loss by paying close attention to the kind of noise you are exposed to.

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To begin with, always listen to music or watch movies while setting the volume to safe levels will benefit in the long run. Keep this as a rule to not to listen to anything more than 60% of the device‚Äôs maximum volume.  How to ensure that? If you have to raise your voice almost to shouting while listening to music, that means the volume is higher than the normal prescribed limit. It is a clear sign that you are in a louder environment, so it is advisable to come off it. In the environment where loud sounds are unavoidable such the one during concerts etc. then wear ear plugs. 

Self-assessment of noise-induced hearing impairment in traffic police and  bus drivers: Questionnaire-based study Sanju HK, Kumar P - Indian J Otol

It is advisable to buy a pair of headphones with a built-in noise cancelling feature. So that it is not needed to raise the volume to overcome the external noise. Always ensure volume restrictions on your headphones and computers.

Treatment options available for hearing loss:

Hearing impairment can be successfully treated with surgeries depending on the stage. As per statistics, hearing impairment in India is substantially high and it is most common cause of sensory deficit among Indian population.

Besides taking precautions, opting for a pair of hearing aid is still the best treatment option for hearing loss. With advancement in technology hearing aids are no longer bulky. Now, diverse range of hearing aids are available, and they come in more subtle usage. One can opt as per the lifestyle. These days are compatible with latest technologies such as Bluetooth to give more control over the settings.

Always have correctly calibrated hearing aids for yourself. You can get in touch with us to have right guidance.

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