Can a Hearing Aid Restore Hearing Completely?

Hearing aids are not capable of curing hearing losses. None of the hearing aids restore hearing completely.   Also, they cannot have the ability to make the hearing like normal while wearing them. But there is no denying that they have an ability to improve hearing and understand speech and noises around. And hence are widely recommended for hearing loss-related treatments. They significantly improve understanding of speech and support to overcome hearing-related malfunctions.

How the Right Hearing Aid Improves Your Life

How Do We Hear?

“Hearing is something that just happens, but listening is a skill,” and to listen one must be able to hear effectively. 

Let us discuss the mechanism in brief. 

The outer ear receives the sound waves which then travel through the ear canal to the ear drum. Eardrum vibrates with the incoming sound and sends the vibrations to three tiny bones in the middle ear. The bones in the middle ear amplify the sound vibrations and send them to inner ear or cochlea. The sound vibrations then activate tiny hair cells present in the inner ear. This activation of tiny hair cells helps release neurochemical messengers. Auditory nerve carries electrical signal to the brain, which translate it into a sound that can be understood.

Hearing generally deteriorates slowly overtime, and the signs related to hearing loss can manifest in subtle ways. Many people do not realize that side effects like isolation, depression and early onset cognitive decline are associated with hearing loss.

Common Signs Of Hearing Loss:

Hearing loss disability refers to hearing loss greater than 40 dB in the better hearing for adults, and a hearing loss greater than 30 dB in the better.

Do you require the volume of television or radio to raise a little bit more than usual? Does it become difficult to interpret and make sense of conversation from mumbling? Is it difficult for you to focus on conversations in certain environments such as in restaurants or in a wedding ceremony etc.? 

If the answers to these questions is YES! Then chances are that there is early stage of hearing loss. 

Although hearing loss is noticeable when converse one on one and during that if anyone feels exhausted than usual conversations, then these are the signs that should not be overlooked. Clearly there is an issue with normal hearing because the effort in listening makes the individual tried. 

How do hearing aid really assist in overcoming hearing loss?

  • Hearing aids have been shown to provide a significant benefit to individuals with hearing loss.
  • About 80 percent of hearing losses can be treated with hearing aids, but only 1 in 4 individuals could benefit from using hearing aids, including those with mild hearing loss, currently own them.
  • Hearing aids have been shown to reuse negative changes (psychological and emotions) and may offset cognitive decline from untreated hearing loss.

How Hearing Aids Improve Hearing

What needs to be done to ensure if there is any hearing loss?

If you are not sure about the change in hearing consult the audiologist. In case, if you are unable to leave house considering the current scenario of social distancing concerns, we do facilitate the home visits.

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At last, we wish to inform that hearing aid is not just another tool to aid in your life, but to ensure correct pair after customization. Audiologist can help opt the right hearing aid as per your lifestyle. 

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