Privacy Policy

As a company, it is important for us to safeguard and protect the privacy of our customers and clients. In order to provide best possible service that is helpful for the customers, we at Ear Solutions (Please note that Ear Solutions is the parent company for Sound Comforts) capture certain personal information. It helps us to customise the needs but at the same time we do respect privacy. We make sure that through the privacy policy clause, all your information is safeguarded. We apply the best privacy practises for safe containment of information. Here are the elements or contents of our privacy policy.

Information Collection

We intend to collect personal information so that we can provide best service possible to the customers. There are two ways by which we collect information:

  • Collection of personal informationIt is information that includes personal identification of individuals and the information is collected with the intention of providing best possible service to the customers. It helps in understanding interest of people and hence upgrading and improving products and services. The personal information is not shared with any third party and is used only to enhance the customer care experience through our services. We totally respect your privacy and at no cost will sell, rent or lease any of your personal information to any third party. In order to constantly improve our services, we ask our customers and clients to provide some “personally identifiable information” like name, phone number, email address etc. but not limited to only these.
  • Information collected from customers who use our servicesThis is information that we collect from our customers based on the services used and majorly focus on understanding of website performance. It is basically understanding of what visitors are looking for in the website and are mostly related to non-private data. It mostly involves information like page visit, number of visitors, finding information of the pages visited, IP address etc. which are majorly collected with help of cookies.(Cookies are files with small data amount which are used for basically collecting information. It is sent by a website while you are accessing the site and stored in hard drive of the computer. It helps in collection of information but in respect of your privacy, you as customer have the option to disable cookies or set an alert when cookie is being sent. With help of cookies, websites collect information and as a client if you instruct your browser to not accept cookies, you might be refused access to all parts of the website.

Use of Information and its Sharing

The intention of capture your information is not to breach your privacy but to help you avail best of the services. At Ear Solutions we capture the information to get in touch with you, respond to your queries, enrich customer experience and work on feedbacks to improve websites. Ear Solutions may share your information at times with selected partners associated with us to customise device options. The information collected like e-mail and phone number helps us to update you of new products, changes made in website and inform you of updated policy.

Third Party Websites

This privacy policy is limited to only Ear Solutions and is disclosure of information collected from you within our website. There are many third party websites associated and if you connect with such sites via our website, make sure you check the privacy policy of the website. We are responsible for only our privacy policy and not for practices by third party website.

Child Privacy

We run a very strict policy concerning child’s privacy and as per the guidelines of COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act), we do not collect any information from anyone under the age of 13 years.


The safety and security of personal information is very critical to you and hence to ensure safety of your information, Ear Solutions applies multiple security measures when entering, submitting or accessing your personal information. All the payment transactions are highly secured and encrypted with SSL technology and safe payment gateway. The information is kept highly confidential and can be accessed only by authorised individuals.


If a visitor submits our website form or agrees to expressly authorize Ear Solutions Pvt Ltd to send service related transactional SMS messages or make calls by submitting the our contact form, even in the case that user’s contact number is listed as DND with the concerned telecom regulatory authority.

HIPAA Privacy Practices

It is something very important and you must know the same. The HIPAA practices at what condition your medical information can be disclosed and used. We ensure that your information is protected and the privacy of your health information is our priority. As per law we are required to protect privacy of health information to keep your personal information secured. This notice of HIPAA privacy practices gives you insight about health information privacy practices followed by Ear Solutions.

Use and disclose of your Health Information

Although we promise to safeguard and secure your information, under some circumstance we can disclose your health information without seeking a written consent from you. Here are the situations when we can do so:-

Treatment – In order to ensure you receive the best medical treatment, we may disclose health information about you like test reports. This may include sharing information with physician, health care provider or audiologist to seek the right treatment suggestion.

Evaluate health care operations – We may share your personal health information to ensure smooth running of our business operation. The medical information may be used for evaluating health progress or performance of staff. We might also share your health information with companies in order to complete orders specific for your disorder and provide right consultation. It helps in smooth sailing of business operations.

Free trial & Consultations : We offer limited slots of free consultations and hearing aid trials on a daily basis for certain locations. If we run out of free slots or your location is far from our serviceable area, we charge a nominal fee of up to INR 499 for each appointment.

Payment – In order to receive payment for health care services, we may share your health information. It might involve sharing information with health insurance Company to claim the reimbursement or to understand what exactly is covered in the insurance.

Business Associates – In order to help us with business operation or payment, we might share your health information with authorised business associates, agents or contractors. We may share information like name, address and health information that acts as intermediate in sending you communications related to health. However, we will ensure that we have a written contract with the associate ensuring protecting the privacy of personal and health information.

Reminder Services – To ensure that you get the best treatment and do not miss on your appointment, we may use your health information to send you a reminder regarding treatment. It helps in recommending best treatments and make sure that you don’t forget your check-up session.

Law Requirement – We might disclose your health information if required by the law but notify you of disclosures made.

Public Health Activities – We may disclose your health information for pursuing public health activities as required by the law in order to control a disease or reduce hazards caused to the public. However, the information will be disclosed only to authorised public health officials. We may provide your information to government disease registries or to a person at risk of spreading or contracting the disease, if law requires. The information may be also provided to employer if we are hired by the company and hence we will share health information in compliance to employment laws.

Victims of Violence – If required we may release your health information to public health authority for purpose of evaluation of neglect, abuse, domestic violence etc.

Health Monitoring Agencies – If required we may release your health information to authorised health agencies responsible for conducting audits, investigations and inspections at Ear Solutions. The agencies help with accessing and monitoring the health care operations, monitor government health benefit programs and access if health care firm are in running in compliance to government regulatory programs and laws.

Monitoring of Product – We may provide information to agencies or individuals associated with FDA if their purpose is to track or report defective products, repairing or replacement of defective program and monitoring re-approved or pre-approved product performance.

Lawsuits and Disputes – Under the jurisdiction or law, we may disclose your health information to court involved in handling a related lawsuit or dispute. It authorises us to disclose information when lawful request is made by someone involved in the dispute. However, this information will be disclosed with the condition that the information will be further protected from disclosure and a written certification is mandatory by the person requesting the information.

Law Enforcement – As required by law enforcement, we may disclose your information to enforcement officials under conditions like complying with court orders, identification of criminals, location of missing person or related to any crime that might have happened within our property.

Prevent Serious and Imminent Health Threat – We may provide your information in cases when there is severe threat to your or another person’s health or safety. The information is provided to someone with power to reduce the threat. The information may be provided to law officials in case you were a part of violence and crime or escaped from lawful custody like prison or mental asylum.

Matter of National Security – As per law we may disclose your health information to authorised officials in matter of national security or while conducting national security and intelligence activities for protection of top most officials.

Military and Veterans – We may disclose health information to military authorities required by them to judge activities related integral for a mission. Under some circumstance, we may release health information even to foreign authorised military officials.

Prison and Inmates – If you are a prisoner or part of institutional correction, as per law we may disclose your health information to authorised prison officials to help you give better health care, maintain health safety and security at your prison cell. The information helps in maintaining health and safety of fellow inmates or persons involved in inmate supervision.

Medical Examiners and Coroner- Your health information may be disclosed in case of unfortunate death event to medical examiner or coroner. As applicable by law, the information is provided to funeral directors to perform their duties.

Tissue and Organ Donation – During event of death, your health information may be disclosed if your family agree for organ donation or you have already signed for donation during unfortunate event of death. It involves sending information to organ donation organisation, tissue & organ procurement and transplantation firms and helps in smooth donation process.

Apart from the above mentioned situations, at no point or cost we shall disclose any of your personal health information without your authorization and written consent. You may revoke the authorization anytime to prevent disclosing of your medical information.

Rights to Access and Control Health Information

You have certain rights to access and control your health information. Here are the following rights.

1. Right to Inspect and Copy Records

You have the complete right to inspect and get a copy of your health information which may help you get the right treatment to ailment. The information can be obtained till it is maintained in our records. It may include information and obtaining a copy of medical records and bills. In order to inspect and obtain a copy of your health information, you need to submit a written request at our mailing address. We will mail you copy of your request and a fee is applicable for logistic. Rarely, we are unable to furnish a copy of your copy and might deny the request but we will provide a written denial with reason for denial and rights you may use to check the decision.

2. Right to Amend

It is your health information and you have all the rights to amend it if found incorrect or incomplete. You may request to amend the information till we have it in our records and you need to submit a written request. The request must be sent to our mailing address justifying the reason for change or amend in health information. If found appropriate we will make the amendment and send you written confirmation. If denied, we will send you written notice explaining the reason for amendment denial.

3. Right to Disclosure Accounting

You have right to request an “accounting of disclosures” which gives information about individuals or organisations to whom your health information was disclosed in accordance to law. The accounting includes many non-routine as well as routine disclosures. You may send us a written request to our mailing address for requesting accounting of disclosures. Along with the written request make sure you mention the time period for which you need accounting of disclosure. There might be a nominal charge applicable.

4. Right to Additional Privacy Protections

You have the right to request for additional privacy protections and this helps in restricting the existing ways of information disclosure. It might restrict disclosure of your health information related to treatment of condition, collection of payment and conducting business operations. It might place a limitation to disclosure of information to even family and friends associated with care. To increase your privacy protections, send us a request in writing at our mailing address. However, we are under no obligation to approve your request and at times it might not be permitted as per law. If accepted, the restriction will be placed and it can be revoked by you at any time. Under some circumstances, it might be revoked by us as well but we will seek your permission to do so. You have right to restrict disclosure of health plan related to your health information and payment.

5. Right to Confidential Communication

You have the right to request for more confidential measures of communication like through only phone calls or calls only at personal number. To request for such confidential communication, send us a request in writing to our mailing address and we will try to honour your request.

6. Right to Choose Your Representative

You may request to choose a representative to act on your behalf to maintain your health information privacy. In case of minors, parents and guardians have right to control privacy of their health information unless it is permitted to do so by the minor by law.

7. Right to Obtaining Copy of Notices

You have the right to obtain a copy of notice anytime both electronically and in writing.

8. Right to Complaint Filing

You have all the rights to file a complaint if you feel your rights to privacy have been violated. To file a complaint with us, write to us or contact us for details.

9. Right to be Notified Post a Breach of Unsecured PHI

You have the right to receive notice of breach in case you are affected by breach of unsecured personal health information.

Contact Information

For any additional information or questions on privacy policy, you may contact us via our mailing address.

Ear Solutions Private Limited.
D-188, Sector-27,
NOIDA-201301, Uttar Pradesh, India
Call: +91-9015-116-116

We update our privacy policy from time to time. In case of any update or modification, we will notify you of changes. Make sure you read the modified policies carefully.

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