Can Hearing Aid Increase Hearing Power?

Hearing aids can certainly improve the ability to hear and communicate better, but they cannot “cure” hearing loss! 

This aspect is very similar to that of the usage of spectacles, which do not cure nearsightedness or farsightedness. These are just the tools to manage the existing disorder. Undeniably, these tools help improve the quality of life significantly. In certain situations, there are difficulties in hearing with these tools despite being customized. 

Five surprising things you may not know about hearing

How does hearing aid assist in improved hearing?

Hearing aids help in reliving the strain of the hearing. In the world of new advancements in technology, these days hearing aids are also available with improved technologies. In the digital era, rarely people opt for analog hearing aids. With proper hearing tests and aids sense of hearing can be improved. Although hearing aids cannot cure the damage caused to the ears concerning the hearing loss, but they can certainly improve the hearing. 

Does hearing aid require adjustments?

Awareness about what to expect when wearing new hearing aids. 

  1. Once hearing aid is provided it helps boost hearing and hence brain starts to recognize the lost sounds. In the process, it strengthens the comprehension ability of the brain in the long run. Although adjusting to amplification takes sometime and gradually an individual adapt to it, which requires patience to cope with the gradual change.
  2. Initially, it is normal to experience some occlusion effect as the ear adjusts to the hearing aids in the ear molds. It is louder and appears to be more mechanized than the natural sounds.   
  3. One-on-one conversations significantly improve. Some of the regular sounds such as that of clocks ticking, refrigerators, chirping of birds, footsteps etc. would seem abnormally loud initially when hearing aid is worn. Gradually, brain adjust to these soft sounds and easily cope with it.

When you receive a new pair of hearing aid, our team will assist you during this adjustment period. Looking for the suitable pair for yourself? In the normal hearing ear is already sensitive to many sounds in the surroundings.  If some defect is associated with the normal hearing, hearing aids help overcoming the obstacle by enhancing the desired sound from the background sound.

How does impaired hearing affect brain the most?

It is a known fact that individuals with hearing loss suffer from depression and eventually dementia. So, how does hearing play a crucial role in ensuring brain health as well? The answer to this question is that when sound is perceived by the ear, the information hidden in that sound is processed through the central nervous system and neurons participate in it. The brain then comprehends the information received through neurons and hence the information is interpreted and comprehended. If the sound is not received, the participation of neurons is obstructed, and eventually, the brain is deprived of these sounds, and hence no information interpretation. Eventually, an individual suffers from dementia and depression as effective communication is obstructed and social isolation. 

So, it can be very well said that as the hearing loss progresses, there is a significant reduction in the cognitive abilities as neural connections weaken over the period of time, and hence listening skills diminish. 

How does a hearing aid assist in strengthening brain cells?

Hearing aid facilitates better hearing and hence better listening and hence strengthens brain cells. The neural network gets stronger and hence cognitive abilities to improve. Every time when a sound is heard, fresh neural connections are heard and hence improvement in brain activity is registered. This also leads to better memory! Remember, hearing is an awareness of environmental sounds, but listening is the key component for ensuring brain health.

NewStyle - Hearing Loss Can Strike A Wide Number of People

With the latest and upgraded technology, digital hearing aids are available in diverse shapes and forms, they are not only stylish and can be customized as per individual lifestyles.

Digital hearing aids can be programmed by hearing specialists as per the user’s requirement and preference. The fine-tuning feature enables us to adapt to the changes in sound in the surroundings. It enhances communication by eliminating background noise, which is not possible many times in analog hearing aids. Hence digital hearing aids provide users with a more comfortable listening experience.

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