What is the best brand of a hearing aid?

The best brand for a hearing aid is the one that suits you the most! It offers the most satisfying experience with the quality of sound and makes the comfortable with the changing environment. The best one is the which is customized and is suggested by an audiologist with the trial of many of the models and brands thereby. One should not be restrictive or afraid of checking out the one that meets all the requirements as hearing is a sensitive issue compromising on it, in turn, compromises many other aspects of life. It ceases opportunities and growth in many areas of life be it workspace or connecting with the loved ones, as it is essential to hear them out before understanding any of the communication. More than brand the type is important, digital hearing aids are consisting of five main components such as microphone, microchip, amplifier, the receiver also known as a speaker, and a battery. In other words, digital hearing aids are nothing but act like a tiny computer that help process sound to make them reach to the needy!

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So, How Digital Hearing Aids Work?

The digital hearing aids work when the microphones inbuilt in them pick up the incoming sound from the environment and then convert it into a signal to reach the amplifier. The amplifier then processes the sound from an analog signal to a digital signal. The digital signal is then sent to the receiver that delivers the sound to the ear.

  • Microphone: The microphone is the vital component to enhance the quality of the sound. The microphones are the adaptive component to process in the omnidirectional mode. It helps improve the audibility of the desired signal and filter it from the background noise present in the surrounding ambience.
  • Amplifier: The amplifier aids in the processing and strengthens the sound signal as per the individual needs and overcome the hearing loss challenges. It makes the sound signal recognizable without any distortion in the frequency. In an amplifier, most of the hearing aid’s electronic components and circuits are enabled.
  • Microchip: The microchip acts as a nervous system of the digital hearing aid. Although it is tiny and hence derives its name as a microchip, it is incredibly powerful. It is efficient in handling everything from signal processing to wireless communications. Due to the microchip, digital hearing aids can be made smaller and also use less power with long durability.
  • Receiver: The receiver is also known as a speaker, it enables the conversion of the electrical signal into sound, and which is then made to reach to the ear.  An important attribute to a receiver is that as the severity of hearing loss rises the receiver size also increases.
  • Battery: The battery is regarded as the engine of the hearing aid as it keeps everything running. The performance of a hearing aid very well governs by the efficiency of a battery backup

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It is important to understand that there is no best hearing aid. Therefore, the selection of a hearing aid is a technical decision, and accordingly, requirements are assessed, and hearing aids are suggested and customized. Many times the requirements are governed by the lifestyle (or a daily routine) one pursues with, for example, the requirement of an individual leading a retired life at home is certainly very different than the one who is active in his/her profession or working productively. The type and the purchase of hearing aid to a large effect are also governed by the buying capacity of an individual and also on the willingness to spend if a certain piece is found suitable, And hence, the price varies and are very much individual-centric. Digital is better suited over the analog as they are inbuilt with a sensitive microphone and can be easily programmable. Generally, the digital hearing aids with higher prices are equipped with better technology and customization and are easy to manage, there is no doubt about it. Although with the higher price comes many additional features, one must take into consideration associated aspects, while purchasing it is important to opt for the perfect fit for one-self.

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