What Is The Approximate Price Of Digital Hearing Aids With 24 Channels In India?

The price range of digital hearing aid depends not only on the number of channels but also on the features coming along with them. The hearing aid with 24 channels may cost somewhere around Rs. 30,000 and depending on the features may range from Rs 55,000-65,000. Many times, the price range is decided by the purchasing capacity and the requirement of an individual, and accordingly, an aid is customized.

The digital hearing aid with advanced inbuilt features may cost around Rs.1.25- 2 lakhs.

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As per the statistics, nearly 6 million people wear hearing aid to overcome the challenges related to hearing loss and improve on them.

But it is a sad aspect that still more than 24 million people, who could benefit from the usage of the hearing aids, are unable to avail them. Although several factors attribute to it, but the prominent one appears to be the awareness and the right guidance. Price seems secondary! 

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In the recent years, with technological advancement, and the awareness campaigns significant outreach has been established, yet a long way to go in the field of healthy hearing.

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