Signia Hearing Aid

Signia is a worldwide brand and its hearing aids are manufactured by “Ws audiologists”. Its parent company is Sivantos, which acquired Signia in 2015. At that time, Singia was manufacturing the hearing aids under the brand name Siemens.

Signia first started creating digital microphone hearing aids in 2004 and then created wireless connectivity that connects the sound input between two hearing aids. Soon after, it started creating a hearing aid for new technology that liaised with sound processing connectivity and rechargeable. Now Signia has successfully created multiple sophisticated and high-tech hearing aids such as Signia Xperience, which have good quality sound processing and sophisticated technology.

The price of the basic model of a signia digital hearing aids starts from Rs 14990 and the price of the premium model is around Rs 299900 per unit.

Mazor Brand Of Signia Hearing Aid

  • 2020: Silk X, Styletto X
  • 2019: Pure X, Styletto Connect
  • 2018: Silk Nx, Styletto
  • 2017: Motion Nx, Pure Nx
  • 2016: Silk Primax, Cellion Primax, Pure Primax

Signia Premium Hearing Aids

Premium hearing aids include almost all types of hearing aids such as BTE, RIC, CIC, IIC, ITE, ITC. It consists of 24-48 channels, due to which its sound clarity is the best. You can also easily use it in the marketplace as it has an auto sound replacement system. It also has a remote control, due to which you can do more sound work on your own. However, from its name itself, it is known that it is premium which makes its price up to Rs.99900-300000 per unit. It has a rechargeable facility made of Li-ion Which you can easily use up to 62 hours after charging once. Apart from this, by using its Bluetooth connectivity feature, you can easily enjoy TV and music.

Buying any hearing aid online is not good for you. For this, first of all, you should get a hearing check-up done so that your hearing loss will be known. And according to the test, you will be provided the best hearing aid so that you can easily listen to someone. If you are also experiencing hearing loss, then you should visit your nearest hearing center. Book Your Free appointment

Pure Charge &Go 7x

Signia Pure Charge &Go 7x Digital Hearing Aid
Model Name/NumberPure Charge &Go 3X
No. Of Channels48
Aid PlacementRIC
Battery SizeLi-ion/Rechargeable
Packaging SizeSingle Piece / Pair
Body MaterialPlastic
Available ColorBlack/Silver, Cosmic Blue/Rose Gold, and Snow White/Rose Gold.
Warranty Period4 Years

Advanced Hearing Aids

There are a lot of similarities between premium and advance hearing aids. There is only a channel difference, the advanced hearing aid has 10-24 channels. Its sound clarity is very good, so the experience of the customer is quite good. It also has Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect to your TV or mobile device, easily talk on a call or enjoy watching TV. Apart from this, it is rechargeable, which the user can easily use for up to 48 hours by charging once. It comes in all types such as BTE, RIC, CIC, IIC, ITC, ITE. If you are also filing hearing loss, then you get a check-up done at your nearest clinic, for which you can book an appointment now. Our audiologists can also visit your home to check your hearing.

Signia Silk 3x

Signia Silk 3x Digital Hearing Aid

Model Name/NumberSilk 3x
No. Of Channels24
Aid PlacementCIC
Battery Size10
Packaging SizeSingle Piece / Pair
Body MaterialPlastic
Available ColorBlack/Silver, Cosmic Blue/Rose Gold, and Snow White/Rose Gold.

Warranty Period4 Years
Performance Levels7,5 and 3

Basic Hearing Aids

It is of 2-8 channels, which has good sound clarity. When you talk with the family at your home, you can easily use this hearing aid, but there may be little trouble in the marketplace. The basic hearing aid does not differ much from the premium and advanced, just it has some fewer features, such as auto sound replacement, battery time, Bluetooth connectivity reach, etc. However, the hearing aid is a medical device, so you should always get your hearing loss checked and finalize the hearing aid as suggested by a certified audiologist. This ensures the hearing loss does not increase in the future and you can easily enjoy it with your family. It also has a rechargeable one that can easily last up to 24 hours after charging and you can enjoy music by connecting via Bluetooth.

Prompt SP

Signia Prompt SP Digital Hearing Aid
Model Name/NumberPrompt SP
No. Of Channels8
Aid PlacementBTE
Battery Size675
Packaging SizeSingle Piece / Pair
Body MaterialPlastic
Available ColorBlack and Silver
Warranty Period2 Years
Performance LevelsPrompt SP
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