Phonak Hearing Aid

What is Phonak Hearing Aid?

Phonak is a very big brand of Hearing Aid in the world that was founded in Zorich in 1947. They formed the AG group with its headquarters in Switzerland and in 2007 it joined the Sonova Group. Today, Phonak is the flagship brand of the Sonova Group, known for digital hearing aids. In 2017 it produced the Audio B-R Hearing aid, a rechargeable hearing aid made of Li-Ion and also had Bluetooth connectivity.

Premium Model Of Phonak Hearing Aid

What is Phonak Audeo Marvel?

Phonak Audeo Marvel is a premium hearing aid product, which costs around Rs. 9,4000-3,00,000 per unit. It consists of 20 channels, which have the best sound clarity, and is also a rechargeable and Bluetooth connectivity device. It has an accelerometer for motion sensing and tap control. Phonak manufactured a Li-Ion-made rechargeable hearing aid in 2016, and Bluetooth connectivity was also improved in 2018.

Currently, the Global Smartphone Market has 86% of android phone users. Phonak Audeo Marvel previously only had iPhone connectivity, but now it has an android connectivity feature as well. By using this, the user can easily enjoy music and phone calls. It has a wireless chip that can control power communication and overcome battery life limitations by integrating the communication Protocol into a single hearing aid chip.

Below are some major features of Phonak Audeo M90:

Phonak Audeo M90

Phonak Audeo Marvel M90 Digital Hearing Aid
Model Name/NumberPhonak Audeo M
`No. Of Channels20
Aid PlacementRIC
Battery Size312
Body MaterialPlastic
Available ColorSilver, Cosmic Blue/Rose Gold, and Snow White/Rose Gold.
Warranty Period4 Years
Indicator LightYes
Speach In 360°Yes
Duo PhoneYes
Performance LevelsM90, M70, M50, and M30

Advanced Hearing Aid

1. Is Phonak hearing aid rechargeable?

Yes, Phonak Hearing Aid is rechargeable which is made of Li-Ion. In 2016, Phonak first created the Audeo Marvel Digital Hearing Aid which has a rechargeable feature. Before this, the user had a lot of problems like small battery size and one-day charging capacity. The end-users were very benefited by the rechargeable hearing aid which was made of Li-ion. One can easily use it for 62 hours after charging it once. Apart from this, one can take advantage of all the below features:

  • 3 hours to Fully Charge
  • 30-minute recharge for 6 hours of use
  • 24 hours use-time when Fully-charged, including 80 minutes of streaming
  • 16 hours use time with 4 hours Bluetooth streaming and 4 hours T.V streaming
  • Batteries expected to last 6 years

2. Is Phonak hearing aid is having Bluetooth connectivity?

Yes, there is Bluetooth connectivity in the Digital Phonak Hearing aid. Although this technology did not happen in the electronics hearing aid, in 2018, Phonak improved this technology for the first time in Paradis and Audeo Marvel. The user is having a lot of benefits from this. During the use of the product, the user can easily watch TV and enjoy listening to music, besides the user can connect to their mobile phone device and also talk on the call. Although this technology was for iPhone users only, later it was made available for Android phones as well due to which the demand increased to a large extent. Advanced Hearing Aid is of 10-16 channels and its price range is around Rs. 24,990-94,990 per unit.

Below are few feature details of Phonak SKY M90:

Phonak SKY M90

Phonak Sky M90 Digital Hearing Aid
Model Name/NumberPhonak Sky M
No. Of Channels20
Aid PlacementBTE
Battery Size312/ Li-ion/Rechargeable
Body MaterialPlastic
Available ColorBlack/Silver, Cosmic Blue/Rose Gold,
Warranty Period4 Years
Indicator LightYes
Speach In 360°Yes
Bluetooth ConnectivityYes
Performance LevelsM90, M70, M50, and M30

Basic Hearing Aid

Like premium and advanced hearing aid, a basic hearing aid does not have all the features, such as auto sound replacement, battery time, and Bluetooth connectivity options, etc. However, it has the below features …

  • Quest Signal Processing
  • Quest Preoccupations
  • Whistle Block
  • Noice Block Basic
  • Target Fitting

It is of 2-8 channels so that the sound clarity is quite good. In the basic model, the price of the digital hearing aid is around Rs.14,990-24,900.

Since the hearing aid is a medical device, you should never buy it online. For this, you should first check at the nearest hearing clinic so that your actual hearing loss is known. After this, according to the advice of the audiologist, you should buy a hearing aid. If you are also feeling hearing loss, then book an appointment at your nearest hearing center now.

Below are few feature details of Phonak Baseo:

Phonak Baseo

Phonak Baseo Q15 Digital Hearing Aid
Model Name/NumberPhonak Baseo Q15
No. Of Channels4
Aid PlacementBTE
Battery Size312
Body MaterialPlastic
Available ColorBlack/Silver, Cosmic Blue/Rose Gold,
Warranty Period2 Years
Real Ear Soundyes
Speach In 360°yes
Duo Phoneyes
Performance LevelsQ15, Q10, and Q5
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