What is The Best Hearing Aid Price in India?

The actual best price of a hearing aid is governed by the individual requirements, and that is further decided by the type and the percentage of hearing loss one is having. The best person who can help in deciding the price is the professional i.e. an audiologist!

In India, hearing aids are relatively cheaper when compared to the rest of the world. Here, one can get anything in the range of Rs. 5000-2 lakhs. And the digital hearing aids are priced in the range of Rs. 15000-2,85,000 accordingly.

Best Hearing Aid Price in India

Deciding Factors of Hearing Aid Price

There are many factors that decide the hearing aid price, some of them are enlisted as:

i. In-built technology in hearing aid: With changing times and needs, almost every year technological advancement is achieved. The improvised aid is priced accordingly.

ii. Automatic vs manual: This is implicit that hearing aids with technological advancement and automated ones are costlier.

iii. Size of the hearing aid: “The smaller the aid, costlier they are!” Many are trapped in this notion. This is indeed false! The price depends on the customization and that in turn is dependent on the severity of hearing loss on is suffering from.

iv. Style and specific features: This aspect is covered in customization, yet something additional if fetched in the hearing aid, leads to enhancement of not only the price but also the performance. As the features are added, it adds up the cost even more.

Caution: It is important to note that professionals play an important role in guiding via assessing the needs or spoil one’s experience with any hearing aid. An Audiologist can better guide in terms of personalization of hearing aid based on your hearing need and lifestyle.

Types of Hearing Aid or Ear machine

Hearing Aid Brands and Price In India

Presently, in the Indian market variety of hearing aids are available that range from good to the best in terms of the performance and prices. There are popular names in the market such as Widex, Starkey, ReSound etc. and they assure quality, for example:

Bernafon India- This brand deals in hearing aid selling that is made available after the clinical tests by renowned hearing experts. These hearing aids have in-built ChannelFree™ Swiss technology, which is an advanced technology. Likewise, the hearing aids in this brand often reflect the level of technology and programs available in them.

Presently, Siemens is regarded as one of the leading brands that are excelling each year in their products. Other brands such as Oticion and Resound also serve better.
Conclusively, it can be attributed that the costlier the aids, the better will be its performance.

Selection of Best Price Hearing Aid

The premium technology levels in a hearing aid come with a more premium price. It is advisable that the selection of hearing aids should be done by an audiologist against purchasing it online, as hearing is a sensitive issue and further damage can be prevented.

The price of the best hearing aid generally varies for the companies and professional guidance; the manufacturer is secondary. There are many instances where patients have bought a good product, yet they are not happy because they could not get good professional help. Therefore, decide the best one by consulting wisely.

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